A Cedar Falls teen visited Washington, D.C. Wednesday to discuss the challenges faced by talented kids. 15-year-old Alexander Power speaks from experience after skipping two grades, graduating from high school early, and starting college. Power says extremely intelligent students often don’t get the attention they need.He says the education system is geared to make sure everyone achieves at a certain level as opposed to helping everyone achieve their maximum. So, he says they often don’t let talented kids achieve their highest level. Power says it wasn’t a major problem for him as he studied at Cedar Falls High School.He says the school was supportive of him and let him take classes at the University of Northern Iowa. Power says other students aren’t as lucky. Power visited the national capitol as part of an effort by the Davidson Institute, an organization that provides scholarships to gifted students.He says the 17 Davidson Fellows talked with their senators and congressmen about the issue. Power is not a student at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.