Construction is on track in northeast Iowa for a project expected to be a major new draw. The “America’s River Project” on the Mississippi riverfront in Dubuque is 2 years from being finished. Officials say all should be in place when the Grand Excursion stops in Dubuque in June of 2004. It’s a re-creation of the 150th anniversary of the tour President Millard Filmore took on the river from Davenport to St. Paul. It’ll bring 12 major riverboats toDububue. Terry Goodman, campaign coordinator for the project, says the Grand Harbor Resort and Indoor Waterpark will be ready to open in about two months — though it’s separate from the America’s River Project. The Alliant Energy Amphitheatre will be the next project to come on-line, with the ribbon-cutting scheduled for mid-October. Goodman says parking for all those projects is a critical concern. Goodman says the River Discovery Center is set to open June first of next year along with the Mississippi River National Education and Conference Center scheduled to be complete by December of 2003. Goodman says the whole development will have a significant impact on Dubuque. She estimates it’ll bring about a half-million new visitors a year for Dubuque. The total cost of the America’s River Project is 188-million dollars and all but about three-million has left to be collected.