The state’s Environmental Protection Commission has denied the permit for a large-scale livestock operation in Adair County. Wayne Gieselman of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the Commission had some basic concerns. Gieselman says the Commission decided the manure management plans submitted by developer Gary Weihs were flawed. Gieselman says the plan called for putting the manure on land the Commission decided was “highly-erodible.” In addition, the Commission was worried the operation would be too close to a mobile home that was moved into the area at about the same time as the confinement application was filed. Weihs could appeal the Commission’s decision in District Court. Also yesterday, environmental regulators approved an expansion of a poultry farm in Poweshiek County, north of Malcolm. Gieselman says the operation right now has four-million chickens laying eggs.With the approved expansion, the operation will have five-million chickens. A new manure storage building will be constructed, too.