Former Vice President Al Gore is in Iowa, leading campaign rallies for four Iowa Democrats who’re running for Congress. Gore made stops in Dubuque, Mount Vernon and Iowa City yesterday in his first trip to Iowa since September, 2001. He declared back then in his first speech after September 11th that George W. Bush, his former foe, was his “commander in chief.” Now, Gore offers unfettered criticism of the way Bush is managing the nation’s domestic agenda. Gore says the November election presents voters with an opportunity to assess whether things are better now, economically, than they were two years ago when Bush won the Presidency.Gore says electing Democrats to the U.S. House and Senate would send a message that the focus needs to shift to things like getting people back to work.Gore says it’s time to get the economy moving again. Gore says< "I think Bill Clinton and I did a damn good job when we were in office." Gore campaigns today in Des Moines, Ames and Mason City.