Western Iowa authorities are investigating the discovery of nearly a dozen bodies in a rail car at a grain elevator near Denison. Investigators say foul play is not suspected after yesterday’s discovery of between nine and 11 decomposed bodies in a rail car at a grain elevator near Denison. Crawford County Sheriff Tom Hogan says it appears likely the people were being smuggled into the U-S from Mexico and were trapped inside..perhaps several months ago. Jerry Heinauer is the district director of the I-N-S office in Omaha. He says they’ve tracked part of the path of the railcar. He says the Union Pacific had loaned the car to another railroad and it didn’t come back to the U-P until October 10 in Oklahoma. It arrived in Denison on October 13th.Heinauer says the bodies were discovered yesterday.He says workers were going to clean the car out to fill it with grain. The car has now been sent to Des Moines were experts will examine the bodies. He says it is possible the victims had been smuggled into the U-S.He says he can’t say for sure that they were being smuggled into the U-S, because we don’t know where they got into the car.Heinaurer says there have been other cases of people being trapped inside rail cars when the door closed and couldn’t be opened from the inside. He says that may’ve happend in this case.The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation will hold a news conference in Des Moines this morning to discuss the latest details of the case.