Democrat Senator Tom Harkin this weekend struck back at his Republican opponent, Greg Ganske, for Ganske’s accusations that Harkin is partly to blame for the deaths of those 11 illegal immigrants found in a rail car in Denison because Harkin has supported welfare for illegals.Harkin says he has never supported welfare for illegal immigrants. Harkin says he has voted three times against provided welfare benefits to illegal immigrants, and joined Republican Senator Charles Grassley in 1995 in supporting legislation that specifically prohibited illegals from getting welfare benefits.Harkin says it’s just another example of Ganske “doing plastic surgery on the truth.” Ganske is a plastic surgeon. Harkin says Ganske hit a “sore spot” with him because his mother was an immigrant. Harkin has purchased ad time to attack Ganske and declare that he’s never supported welfare for illegal immigrants. Ganske continues to insist that Harkin once voted to extend welfare to illegal immigrants, but Ganske does not cite a specific vote. Ganske says Harkin knows very well he does not blame Harkin for the death of the immigrants.Ganske says U.S. welfare policy for immigrants has very serious consequences on both sides of the border. But Ganske says he’s never suggested Harkin is “personally” responsible for the immigrants discovered dead in Denison.