Iowa Senator Charles Grassley is asking the Attorney General for more measures to stop the smuggling of illegal aliens into the country. Grassley earlier asked the A-G to establish an “800” number where people could call with information to help identify 11 aliens found dead in a rail car in Denison. Grassley’s asking for another nationwide hotline for people who are looking for information, or can give information on people who’ve gone missing while trying to get into the county. Grassley is also asking the Attorney General to set up a reward for information on those who smuggle aliens into the U-S. He says the smugglers aren’t Sunday school teachers and will take a person’s last nickel in Mexico and put them in a death car on the rails to their eternity. Grassley says the discovery in Iowa hits home for an area that had been immune to the issue. He says the measures he’s proposed could nip the problem in the bud. He says that means getting at the smugglers, who he says are more guilty than the illegals. He says there’d probably be fewer illegals if there were less smugglers.Only four of the 11 people found in the rail car in Denison have been identified.