Vice-President Dick Cheney spoke to a friendly crowd in Sioux City Thursday, on a campaign swing for several Iowa republican candidates. He says more than 900-thousand Iowa taxpayers got a rebate last year ,and the first two years of the federal “Bush” tax cut will mean more than 750-dollars savings to the average Iowa household. Cheney said Iowa has benefited under the Bush Administration. Cheney says over the next 9 years, the Bush tax cut will let Iowa families save a total of nearly 2-billion dollars in child credits and offer 800-million in “marriage penalty” income tax relief. Cheney adds that Bush administration tax cuts will put ten-point-six billion dollars “in the hands of those who earned it” it Iowa. Cheney sounded a couple of themes that have been prominent in the campaigns in Iowa. He says Bush administration reforms will cut waiting times for generic drugs and bring down prescription drug prices by billions of dollars, and Cheney says they’ll strengthen Medicare and make a prescription drug benefit available to all seniors.