An annual Thanksgiving survey finds feeding a family of ten a traditional holiday meal will cost -less- this year. Iowa Farm Bureau spokesman Darryl Jahn says the total price of the feast is 34-dollars, 56-cents. Jahn says that’s down 48-cents from last year and is only the second drop in the average price since 1991. That dinner includes turkey, stuffing cranberries, pumpkin pie and all the trimmings. The price of turkey is about 93 cents a pound, and showed the biggest drop in price of the items in the survey.Jahn says over the past 17 years of the American Farm Bureau Federation survey, the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner has risen about two-percent a year, well below annual increases in the cost of living. The survey finds prices are down on many of the other trimmings, including sweet potatoes, peas, whole milk, whipping cream, nine-inch pie shells and cranberries. Prices were up on the following: cubed stuffing, pumpkin pie mix and brown-and-serve rolls. There was no change in price for items including: celery and carrots.