The Iowa football team will return to practice next week in preparation foran upcoming bowl game. The Hawkeyes finished the regular season unbeaten inthe Big Ten for the first time since 1922 and posted a school record11-wins. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz says the guys who haven’t played a lot orat all in games will be worked a little harder in practice which will helpbuild next year’s team.Ferentz says the trick in preparing for a bowl is tokeep practice crisp without overworking the players. Ferentz says it’simportant for the players to do well academically at the end of thesemester, too. He says there’s a danger in over-preparing and having amajor practice session eclipse the game-day performance. Ferentz says untilthey find out where they are going and who they will be playing, practicewill focus on fundamentals.And Ferentz says much of the bowl game preparation will be complete beforethey board the plane. The Rose Bowl is the most likely destination for Iowa,but there is still an outside chance the Hawks could play Ohio State in theFiesta Bowl for the national championship.