The mother of a two-year-old girl found severely injured Monday in a home in Marion may face child endangerment charges. The girl and her mother were staying in the home of 25-year-old David Estlack, who was found shot to death on Monday. Lieutenant Steve Glenn is the investigations commander for the Marion Police Department.The coroner and the police investigation determined Estlack killed himself.Glenn says they believe the girl’s injuries were inflicted by Estlack, and they’re trying to determine how and why the girl’s mother left her child with Estlack, or as Glenn puts it “in harm’s way.” The two-year-old may be released from the hospital today, but Glenn says she won’t be handed over to her mother but will be given to another relative. Glenn says the girl’s mother is a single parent, and the mother and child were staying in Estlack’s house, although the Lieutenant won’t say what kind of relationship Estlack and the woman had. Police have determined that the woman was not in the home when her child was injured.