In an effort to save money in postage costs, state tax officials are sending out a streamlined version of the Iowa income tax booklet this year. Don Cooper, acting director of the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance says if taxpayers need more background information, they can get it on the tax department’s website. He says Iowa is the first state to try this. In addition, the so-called “short form” and its booklet will not be mailed at all, and will only be available on-line. Cooper says the move’s being made to encourage the 300-thousand Iowans who file their income taxes by short form to “e-file.” State tax officials have been encouraging “e-filing” as a means of dealing with a reduction in staff to process paper returns. Cooper says those who file a paper return will have to wait longer to get a refund, up to 12 weeks with an error-free return. If there’s a mistake, it’ll take up to six months for you to get your refund. Cooper says those who electronically file their taxes will get their refund within two weeks, and in some cases within a week. To get the short form or additional backround information for filing a long-form income tax return, go to on the Internet.