The Iowa Court of Appeals has ruled a biological father cannot be forced topay for his kid’s college education. Kristy Maynard was born in 1982, thebiological daughter of Richard St. John and Kellie Downing, who nevermarried. There were three separate petitions filed to get St. John to paychild suport early in Kristy’s life, but all were dismissed by the courts,priarily because Kristy’s mother wouldn’t pursue it. In fact, Kristy thoughther mother’s husband was her dad until she learned the truth shortly afterher mother died. Nearly three years ago, the man Kristy grew up thinking washer dad tried to get Richard St. John to pay child support and collegeexpenses for his daughter. The Iowa Court of Appeals says the law doesn’tsay a dad has to subsidize a child’s college education, as a parent is onlyobligated by law to support his or her child until the child reaches age 18.