Four airports in Iowa are starting new security procedures this morningwhich may slow the already-tedious passenger check-in process to a crawl.Des Moines travel agent Kay Johnson says people need to arrive at theairport even earlier than they normally would to compensate.The new guidelines take effect today at airports in: Des Moines, Fort Dodge,Mason City and Waterloo. She recommends people get to the airport two hoursbefore the flight. As part of the new safety measures, Johnson says allchecked bags need to be left unlocked, so security screeners have easyaccess. Johnson says people with concerns about their possessions fallingout might consider buying luggage straps that buckle, but don’t lock. Shesays packages should -not- be wrapped if they’re to be checked and don’t putundeveloped film in the bags. Johnson says people are being urged not topack any food or beverages in checked luggage. Things that may set offwarnings include: cheese, chocolate and jars of peanut butter.