Interstate-80 westbound reopened this morning after a head-on crash that happened a little after two A-M killed nine people. Authorities suspect the pick-up carrying the nine was ferrying illegal immigrants. Lieutenant Robert Hanson says the State Patrol doesn’t know how all nine got into the pickup that crossed a median and hit a semi head-on. Hansen says we probably never will know where everyone was in there, because though there was a topper on the bed. everyone was thrown out and they’re not even sure who was driving. For now it’s a challenge to the forensic detectives who must figure out what happened. Hansen says they’ll be looking at lots of things like clothing fibers, how far back the seat was to indicate how tall the driver was, but they may never know. Hansen says the scattered bits of wreckage will be hauled off to some nearby garage or towing service’s storage space because the patrol doesn’t have a local garage or work area like a sheriff would, so troopers find someone in their own region willing to lend a hand. The driver of the semi was only slightly hurt in the crash. Hansen says while this might not be the single worst accident in the state’s history, it has the biggest death toll of any in recent memory.