A southwest Iowa couple made Adams County history this morning. Jeff Millhollin was sworn in as County Attorney and his wife, Rhonda, was sworn in as a County Supervisor. Long-time Adams County residents believe the Corning couple is the first husband/wife combo to hold office at the same time. Jeff served as County Attorney for 18 years, but for the past 12 years has been in private practice. He was a reluctant candidate. Millhollin won a write-in campaign in the June primary then defeated the Republican incumbent in November. Millhollin didn’t want the job, but folks convinced him they were unhappy with the previous office holder and he was finally talked into it. Millhollin doesn’t think there’ll be a conflict of interest with his wife serving as a Supervisor. Millhollin says his wife will abstain from voting on anything that involves his job. He’s more concerned about the legal advice his wife asks about at home. Rhonda says she has no problem with her husband’s role as County Attorney. Rhonda says she’s always giving her husband a hard time about not being able to answer her legal questions, but she’s found out the County Attorney has to answer the legal questions posed by Supervisors. Millhollin admits she had some trepidation about her husband becoming County Attorney again. Rhonda says she hates to have her husband spread himself too thin by maintaining his private practice and taking the County Attorney job again, but she says it was a “nice compliment” to have folks in Adams County voted him back into office.