Clerks at a Quad-Cities grocery store are shaking their heads over a late-night case of vandalism by a bold intruder. Hy-Vee spokeswoman Ruth Mitchell says it happened about two Thursday morning at a Bettendorf store. A man with a mask over his face came into the store “in the wee hours of the morning” and sprayed the produce department with a fire extinguisher, ruining most of the fresh fruit and vegetables. Mitchell says this was likely not a well-planned incident, nor a sophisticated disguise. She says his disguise consisted of a 12-pack container for beer with holes poked for the eyes. Witnesses didn’t get a good look at him, and most clues are on video — but she says police are seeing if they can link it with another incident that night in a hotel in the city. Mitchell says most Hy-Vee stores have video cameras trained on sensitive areas, especially as security concerns grew nationally in the past year.