The American Heart Association is making an appeal to Iowa companies, hoping to get Valentine’s Day declared “casual day” so Iowans can wear a certain color.Jennifer Crome, communications director for the American Heart Association’s Iowa-based Heartland affiliate, says they want folks to wear red on February 14th, and buy one of the Association’s heart-shaped sticker for a small fee. The money raised will be used for Heart Association work, like C-P-R training. Crome says wearing red will be symbolic to show the love or support of someone who’s died of heart disease or stroke.American Heart Association offices in Des Moines, Sioux City, Iowa City, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids Dubuque and the Quad Cities are contacting Iowa companies to encourage participation in the event.Crome says heart disease of some variety plays a role in 42 percent of the deaths in Iowa.Crome says there’s a free service on the American Heart Association’s website called “heart profilers” which outlines ways to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. The Association’s web address is Crome suggests Iowans who’ve delayed implementing a New Year’s resolution to start a diet or exercise might want to consider “heart day” — February 14th — as the start of their new year.