Many fear the U-S could soon be fighting two wars — in Iraq and on the Korean peninsula. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says his gut feeling is that it won’t happen — not on two fronts at least. Grassley says North Korea is surrounded by other nations who don’t want to see nuclear weapons used, so diplomacy and other means of pressure will likely succeed in averting warfare there. Grassley says the U-S doesn’t have the same type of nations around Iraq that’re willing to put the pressure on Iraq, that’s why war there seems more likely.The latest reports indicate 125-thousand U-S troops have been ordered to deploy to the Persian Gulf region. Grassley fears there may be war with Iraq within six weeks. There have been indications North Korea may back away from its threats if the U-S offers more financial aid, which Grassley says would be an error on a slippery diplomatic slope. He says it would be blackmail and wrong for the U-S to do that. Iowa Congressman Tom Latham says he’s growing more concerned about Iraq. Latham says he would like to see the situation resolved diplomatically, but he knows military action will likely be needed. Latham, a Republican from Alexander, says he’s convinced if the U.S. has to use military force, the rest of the world will support America in ousting Saddam.Latham says he’s faithful the conflict between the United States and North Korea will -not- escalate into war. He says North Korea always starts negoitiations in a loud way, making outrageous demands and claims. Latham says there are other countries trying to get North Korea to put a stop to their renewed nuclear arms program. Latham met with north-central Iowans at his new office in Clear Lake on Monday to discuss both foreign and domestic issues.