Congressman Jim Leach of Iowa City fears the prospect of a backlash from Muslim countries if the U-S goes to war with Iraq. Leach is concerned about the ill-will that could be produced if U-S intervention is perceived as the Judeo-Christian world against the Muslim world. Leach says President Bush didn’t reveal a “smoking gun” last night in making a case against Iraq, but more details will be released in the coming weeks. Leach says he’s more skeptical than some about intervening in a Muslim state, and it’s really impossible to do anything but acknowledge Iraq’s actions are cause for concern, but he says whether that should lead to war is a “close call.” This morning, Leach attended a classified briefing conducted by the Secretaries of State and Defense, as well as a deputy in the C-I-A. Leach says he can’t reveal much, but Leach says he’d be surprised if we “don’t have some allies with us” if we go to war.Leach says if there is conflict, it is likely to be shorter and more decisive than the U-S public expects. On the hand, he says there are prospects that are “less than happy.” Leach says the Muslim world may resent this for a long time to come, and there’s the possibility Saddam Hussein would use biological and chemical weapons against U-S forces or against Israel, or even unleash them in U-S cities.