The Reverend Al Sharpton says his rivals for the Democratic party’s Presidential nomination are “elephants in donkey clothing” who aren’t speaking out against war with Iraq.Sharpton says Saddam Hussein is no friend of our nation, but he says President Bush hasn’t shown Iraq poses an “imminent danger” to America and he says the Democratic party should urge Bush to “give peace a chance.” Sharpton’s in the midst of a national tour, a tour he suggests is a prelude to launching a campaign for the Presidency.Sharpton says despite the demographics of Iowa, he will run here. Sharpton says he’ll hire an Iowa campaign staff, but isn’t ready to discuss details. He says he came to Iowa last year and people were interested in his campaign and are still interested.Sharpton, a leader in New York’s black community, has gained national attention on race issues. Sharpton dismisses the idea he is at a disadvantage because he’s never held elected office. He says he won’t run the way candidates have run in the last 15 years.Sharpton has been criticized for leading rallies on behalf of a woman who accused someone of rape, but later recanted her story. Sharpton won’t apologize for his statements against the man who was accused, and says he believes “something happened” to Tawana Brawley, the woman at the center of the controversy.