Television news coverage has been dominated by the war in Iraq the past few days, with many networks carrying 24-hour coverage. A Grinnell College political science professor says it’s the ultimate in reality t-v. But, Wayne Moyer says setting up for hours in front of the t-v may not leave you with a lot of info.He says he’s not sure there’s that much new information coming in minute-by-minute. Moyer says a positive aspect of the coverage is raising some awareness of what’s happening in the Middle East. He says it probably creates an interest in international affairs that people might not otherwise have. He says all the attention can be a drawback too.He says the coverage only focuses on one area of the world, and he says there are lots of other areas that’re equally important, such as North Korea’s development of atomic weapons. Moyer says he wouldn’t advise anyone to spend hours watching the coverage.