Farmers from Iowa and four other states are expected to attend a meeting today (Saturday) in Ames sponsored by the group “Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.” I-C-C-I spokesman Larry Ginter says the meeting will include workshops and training sessions in how to fight “factory farms.” He says the packer ownership of livestock is a huge issue for family farmers. Ginter, who is a semi-retired farmer from Rhodes, says the influence of large companies continues to grow. He says the corporations are starting to “run roughshod” over family farmers, and it’s leading to low prices for livestock and grains. Ginter says the meeting will include representatives of Iowa’s Senators and Congressmen. Ginter says the meeting is open to anyone who’s interested in the cause. Ginter says it’s very important for people to come to the meeting and talk with others and learn how to fight the takeover of farming by “corporate agriculture.” Ginter says the meeting runs from noon to five P.M. and there’s a five-dollar registration fee. Ginter says farmers from Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois are expected to join the Iowans at the meeting.