Boxes and boxes of books are being packed at the statehouse as the Iowa Courts prepare to move to their new 31-million dollar building. The new dome-topped building sits to the southeast of the capitol.Rebecca Coulton, spokeswoman for the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, says the state’s high court, the Appeals Court and five other related offices have been crammed into the capitol and are looking forward to the new building’s 124-thousand square foot of space. She says the most tedious part of the move involves all the legal books that have to be packed and moved. Lawyers and others who have business with the state’s appellate courts will have to go to the new building, starting April 16th. Coulton says security staff will start April 1st. The Supreme Court has been in the Iowa Capitol building since 1886, and Coulton says there’s a bit of nostalgia, but most everyone is eager to move to the new building as it will provide more space and be quieter.Coulton says one of the best things about the new building it provides a spectacular view of the capitol city.Coulton says the building complements the capitol and is designed to let in lots of “natural light.” She says the five-color marble floor in the rotunda area is the most spectacular part of the building. Critics say the state shouldn’t have erected the elaborate building during tight budget times, but building backers say no general tax dollars were used. It was financed with the gambling taxes the riverboats and tracks paid the state. The Supreme Court’s move happens April 2nd. A public dedication’s scheduled May 1st, and there’ll be an “open house” on Saturday, May 3rd.