The Iowa Farm Bureau is urging farmers to be “vigilant” in safeguarding the food supply. Farm Bureau spokesman Aaron Putze says farmers need to take appropriate steps to protect their crops and livestock. Putze says as in the wake of September 11th as well as in the current unrest at home and abroad, there’s more attention to maintaining the safety and security of the food supply. The Farm Bureau issued an advisory yesterday with a check-list of suggestions for farmers. Putze says farmers should be wary if they start receiving unsolicited requests for information about their animals or crops, Calls and letters that’re critical of a farm operation, or a farm neighbor should send up warning signals, too, according to Putze. The entire check-list was posted on the Iowa Farm Bureau’s website yesterday. Putze says they hope it can be a resource for farmers “at a very critical time.” Putze suggests that farmers provide their local law enforcement officials with maps of their farm, noting any important shut off valves or areas of vulnerability. And he cautions farmers to keep watch over farm chemicals so they’re not easily stolen.