Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle took the floor of the U-S House today to tell his fellow congressmen they could restore President Bush’s proposed tax cuts by cutting waste in federal spending programs. The Iowa republican told the conference committee it wouldn’t be hard to cut spending by ferreting out waste and fraud.Nussle says nobody in America doubts there’s waste and fraud in Washington. Nussle criticized congressional democrats who backed big cuts to the president’s proposed tax-cut package, saying tax relief would let businesses create more jobs.Tax relief in the budget passed by the house, he says, aimed to create one-point-four million jobs, and he asks how many jobs would be the goal of lawmakers who cut the president’s “tax relief” proposals. For legislators who voiced concern about the future of social security, Nussle said tax relief would make enough new jobs to revitalize the retirement safety net. Nussle says he best way to create money in the social security trust fund is to make more workers who’ll earn salaries and pay into the fund. Nussle said there’s waste and abuse across federal programs, from public housing to the post office, defense and federal loan programs. South Carolina democrat representative John Spratt responded that it’s highly unlikely such efforts will uncover 280-billion dollars in waste the government can trim to erase the federal deficit.