It’s hoped Iowa farmers and livestock producers can be part of the humanitarian effort in the reconstruction of Iraq, according to Dick Newpher public policy director of the American Farm Bureau. Newpher says the Farm Bureau has asked Secretary of State Colin Powell to consider using U.S. food products to supply the aid to Iraqis. Newpher says “it only makes sense” that food from American producers be used in the rebuilding-process to feed the hungry masses in Iraq.Newpher said Iraq used to be a good market for U.S. food products year ago, but the relationship between our nations deteriorated with the rise of the dictator Saddam Hussein. With Saddam gone, Newpher says since “America will expend probably the majority of the money” in getting Iraqis back on their feet, “it’s only logical to assume if it’s American money it oughta’ be American food that goes into Iraq.” Newpher says he does not think supplying food to Iraq will affect commodity prices. He also does not think such action as feeding Iraq with American-grown products will be frowned upon in the world’s view. Newpher says getting them to buy American food with American dollars might be considered selfish by some, but he says he doesn’t see it that way.