An education and economic development summit hosted by the state’s largest teachers union wraps up today in Des Moines. Iowa State Education Association President John Heironymous says their goal is to create a more effective dialogue among various groups concerned about education and economic development. He says they’ve brought in a number of national experts to talk about the issue. Heironymus says this is an issue that’s been talked about for some time now, and not just in Iowa.He says education presidents of 10 states in the midwest have been discussing the issue. Heironymous says there’s no separating the two issues. He says you can’t have one without the other, you can’t have a strong economy without a strong education system. Heironymous says they hope to spur state leaders to action.Heironymous says they realize this is just the first step, but he says we need to take the first step and discuss the issue before we can take any action.