More women are choosing to have their babies delivered without a doctor. One of Iowa’s more prominent baby doctors, Paula Mahone, says that type of birth is here to stay, but may not be fully accepted by the medical establishment. She says she doesn’t believe midwifery and advanced practice nurses are wholeheartedly embraced, because doctors may not understand what they do, and they may be afraid of losing some their practice. Mahone was one of the doctors who delivered the McCaughey septuplets. Mahone spoke this week at an event to talk about the prenatal care of kids in Polk County. She says alternative methods for birth are gaining some ground.She says physicians who’ve trained with midwives and advanced practice nurses, are more accepting of them. Mahone says her hospital is still working on ways to incorporate the alternative care into their system. Communities that have worked to improve infant-mortalilty rates and care of women during and after pregnancy have found ways to incorporate the services of advanced-practice nurses and certified midwives. Mahone says such nurse-midwives are well trained and have earned certification through the nursing license board.