At least one group of Iowa State University students doesn’t think the school has made the right decision in firing mens’ basketball coach Larry Eustachy. A group of about a dozen students stood in the rain outside the Jacobsen Athletic Building where the announcement was being made that Eustachy was being fired. The group held signs that said “Honk if you love Larry.” Doug Curry, a student from Runnells, says he doesn’t think Eustachy did anything wrong, as he’s an adult and if he wants to drink, that’s okay. Curry says President Clinton did worse and didn’t lose his job. Kristen Johansen, a student from Rockford, says firing Eustachy and sending it to the appeal process just adds to the problem. She says this just prolongs the negative attention Iowa State’s been receiving. Eustachy has five days to appeal the firing. Johansen thinks the coach should have been given some sort of punishment. She says a fine would’ve been appropriate. Jake Urbach (Ur-bash), a student from Manly, says Eustachy has admitted he’s an alcoholic and that should be taken into account. He blames athletic director Bruce Van De Velde for doing the wrong thing.Urbach says he’s heard a lot of bad things about Van De Velde, and Urbach says he doubts if Van De Velde will stay around long after this.