All the tests are completed and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says none of the Iowa whitetail deer tested in the state had chronic wasting disease (CWD). Terry Little of the D-N-R says The disease was first discovered in deer in Colorado and has since been found in several states neighboring Iowa. He says they’re very pleased to find the samples all came back clean in the first year of testing. Little says the good news doesn’t end the threat. He says we’re not “out of the woods” as it will take several more years of testing. Most of the three-thousand-278 samples submitted for testing this fall came from hunters who voluntarily submitted their deer for sampling. Little says more testing is already underway as they’re taking samples from road-kill deer. He says anyone who sees an unusual deer should call it in. Any deer that’re emaciated, seen slobbering, or staggering around, are asked to call their local conservation officer. Little says you should not try to shoot or capture the deer.