One Democratic presidential candidate says he won’t stop raising questions about the war with Iraq even though the major conflict has ended. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich says other competitors for the Democratic Party’s 2004 Presidential nomination are skirting the issue.Kucinich says “someone has to tell it like it is” in the race, and he says the Bush Administration hasn’t been straight with the American people about why the military went into Iraq. Kucinich says when the truth is told, the Bush Administration is “going to be swept out of office.” Kucinich says the first thing troops did when they got to Iraq was to guard oil wells rather than protect the museum that housed “treasures of antiquity.” Kucinich says thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children were killed and the lives of too many American servicemen and women were lost. Kucinich says the war didn’t bring “anything good.” Kucinich and a handful of other candidates are campaigning in Iowa today. Seven of the nine democrats who’ve announced they’re running for President will appear at a forum tomorrow morning in Des Moines.