Calling whistleblowers “patriots,” Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s introducing new legislation that would fix laws that protect people who shine the light of truth on wrongdoing by their employers. Grassley says his bill “will restore what the federal circuit (court) has done to weaken the 1989 Whistleblower Protection Act.”Grassley says whistleblowers are subject to reprisal by various federal government agencies and even by their co-workers. He says they’re in reality unsung heroes and modern-day patriots. Grassley calls himself an outspoken advocate for whistleblowers. Grassley, a Republican, has sponsored several whistleblower protection bills, including one that’s still pending for F-B-I whistleblowers. On Thursday, Grassley will meet with whistleblower Bob Jackson, a Promise City native. Jackson, a seasonal ranger at Yellowstone National Park, took enforcement action against illegal poachers who put both grizzly bears and humans at risk, and has since been denied employment at Yellowstone.