A specific ethnic enclave of new Iowa residents is being targeted by a tax scam. The I-R-S says Bosnian communities in central and northeast Iowa are being duped by abusive return preparers, according to special agent Janine Meriweather at the U.S. Treasury office in St. Louis. She says they’re being given false personal and business expenses, false deductions, unallowable credits, or excessive exemptions on returns. Agent Meriweather says money may have to be paid back, with interest, and there may be fines. No arrests have been made but Meriweather says there are several suspects and the investigation is still underway. She says the scam appears to be focused around Waterloo and Des Moines.Meriweather says in these scams, they target people who don’t speak English and don’t understand exactly what’s going on. She says Bosnians, or anyone else, who suspects foul play by their tax preparer should call the I-R-S’ Criminal Investigation Fraud Hotline at 800-829-0433.