Two University of Northern Iowa programs are each in line to get another million dollars from the feds. The money’s been included in the budget outline developed in the U.S. Senate. Catherine Miller, a U-N-I math professor, is involved in the program that trains teachers at military bases. Miller says for one-week each summer, the math teachers from military bases come to Cedar Falls for up-to-date research, technology and teaching ideas . In the past 10 summers, they focused on algebra. This summer, they’ll focus on geometry. Miller says the middle school and high school instructors are stationed all over the world.Miller says the group needs to meet the needs of students in an unusual situation. She calls them DO/DEA teachers, and DO/DEA stands for Department of Defense Agency. The other U-N-I program that’s in line for a million bucks from the federal government teaches people who to paint military equipment efficiently. The STAR or “Spray Technique Analysis and Research” program is administered by UNI’s Waste Reduction Center.