Christmas shoppers are familiar with the sound of bell ringers raising money for the Salvation Army. For the first time, summertime shoppers in the Des Moines area will be hearing the same sound. Tom Williams, the Director of Development and Community Relations for the Des Moines area Salvation Army, says tight budgets have forced the Salvation Army to launch a July red kettle campaign. Williams says donations this spring have been down 30 percent, and they’re just trying to recoup some of those losses. Williams says the local unit of the Salvation Army had a nearly 130-thousand dollar shortfall in April. About 600 volunteers will be ringing bells at Des Moines area grocery stores next week (July 21-26). Williams says it’s the first time any Salvation Army unit has launched a summer red kettle campaign. Williams says as far as he knows, they’re the first Salvation Army chapter to have its bells and kettles out in July. The theme for the fundraiser is “Need knows no season.” Williams says the Salvation Army hopes to raise about 50-thousand dollars during the week-long effort.