After being a watchdog over the Federal Bureau of Investigation for many years, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley plans to introduce a bill today which he’s calling the F-B-I Reform Act. Grassley says the bill would address accountability problems that have plagued the F-B-I for years. He’s been conducting oversight of the F-B-I for nearly a decade which he says has brought out numerous scandals and cover-ups. Grassley says he’s confident the F-B-I’s chief will be receptive to the changes that are being proposed,as he says the director is comitted to changing the F-B-I’s culture. Grassley says the legislation would give F-B-I whistleblowers full protection through the Whistleblower Protection Act, just like nearly every other federal employee. It establishes a career security program and sets up the framework for career development and training in internal security. It would also create an F-B-I counter-intelligence polygraph program to screen employees with access to sensitive data.