Despite hundreds of meth lab busts, a drug counselor says it’s apparent Iowa law enforcement agencies are -not- staying ahead of the rising numbers of meth makers — which brings more meth abusers and more crime. Chris Red, chief spokesman for the drug rehab program Narconon, says the meth epidemic is out of control in the Hawkeye State. Red says meth is the number-one problem in Iowa. In 2000, over 278 meth labs were busted statewide. According to D-E-A figures, meth is more popular in the state now than both cocaine and marijuana. Red blames much of Iowa’s crime problem on Iowa’s meth problem. He says 83-percent of all crime in Iowa is related to drug use in some way — either the criminal was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he committed the crime or he was trying to get money to buy more drugs. Red says many of the chemicals used to make meth are available on Iowa farmsteads and it’s allowed a network of meth labs to thrive. Drug addiction hits everywhere, especially in rural states where it’s able to continue underground, virtually undetected by the law. Narconon is a non-profit drug rehabilitation and education organization that provides free counseling and referrals to thousands of people a week via 800 468-6933. For more information, surf to “”.