Supporters of the federally-funded Head Start preschool for poor kids are again speaking out against a proposal that might change the program. The Bush Administration and many Republicans in Congress want to award block grants to states, and let local officials decide how the program’s run. Kim DeJoode of Des Moines has four kids, can’t afford preschool on her own and only her youngest has been in Head Start. DeJoode says it’s made a “big time difference” in her three-year-old son, who for the past two years has been in what’s called Early Head Start. DeJoode says her son would suffer if he weren’t in Head Start.DeJoode says her three older children fell behind in kindergarten because she doesn’t have the expertise a Head Start teacher has. DeJoode has a message for Congress. DeJoode says Head Start pays in the long-term because children are ready to learn when they enter school, and don’t fall behind their peers. DeJoode’s son attends a Head Start program in downtown Des Moines.