Legislation being considered in Congress which aims to helps people help others has a focus on farmers. The Charitable Giving Act of 2003, known as the “Care Bill,” gives tax incentives for charitable acts. American Farm Bureau tax specialist Pat Wolf says several portions of the bill target farmers in particular. Wolf says one provision encourages farmers to donate extra produce to food banks or soupkitchens. A second provision would make it easier for farmers to preserve their land for farming, rather than having it developed. Wolf says the bill has a good chance of gaining approval in both the U.S. House and Senate. She says it’s on the top of the list of things Congress wants to do. Wolf says the legislation likely -will- become law by the end of 2003. She says the leadership in the House and the President both want the bill done this year, making it a “slam dunk.”The only wrinkle, says Wolf, is that with tight budgets and worsening deficits, a case will have to be made for every issue in the so-called Care Bill.