The state agriculture secretary hopes you celebrate national apple month and pork month in October, too. Ag Secretary Patty Judge notes that as the nation’s number-one pork producing state we put out a quarter of the meat in the nation and apples are a “growing” industry with more than 150 orchards. Judge says Iowa produces more than eight and-a-half Million pounds of apples in the average year. While the dry weather will have some effect, this year’s projected year is higher than average at ten-million pounds. Judge says Iowa orchards are growing a much greater variety of fruit. She grew up eating Delicious and Jonathons and that was about it — while today growers produce Fuji, Braeburn, Gala and many other varieties. The agriculture secretary says consumers like the wider choices and she sees the future of Iowa farming including more diversification in products and varieties. She says we travel more, sample new things and want then when we come home, and producers are trying to provide those consumer demands.