A coalition of conservative groups is launching an initiative in Iowa to get Christians more involved in their communities and in politics. Organizer Marlys Popma says they’re calling it the “Salt and Light” initiativePopma says church-goers have “become too complacent” both in community affairs and in affairs of the state. Popma says while the Bible teaches that Christians should be involved in their government, some surveys indicate only 25 percent of Christians vote. Popma says the goal is to “reactivate” those individuals. She says religious conservatives have failed to inspire “passion” about politics among Christians, and this effort hopes to change that. She says they hope to give them constant information through the year, even in nonelection years, so they have the information needed to make wise choices in an election year. Popma says the “Salt and Light” initiative will also seek to get Christians more involved in providing help to the needy in their own communities. Popma says Christian conservatives need to challenge the belief that there should be marked separation between church and state. Popma says “unless the church rises up and starts taking back the country” there will be more controversies like the ones involving the display of the Ten Commandments in courthouses. Popma hopes to establish “Salt and Light” committees in churches throughout the state, and get Christians involved in community projects like soup kitchens that help the needy. Popma says it’ll be easier for folks to respect Christians who give their views on the culture if Christians have been there to help where there’s a need. The Iowa Family Policy Center and the Iowa Christian Coalition are two of the groups involved.