Thousands of Iowans are carving pumpkins this week, but only three are doing the Halloween ritual 20-feet underwater with a one-thousand-pound gourd. 28-year-old scuba diver Mike Frantz of Walcott has a farmer friend in Clinton who gave him the huge pumpkin for the unusual effort. He says it weighed in at one-thousand-28-pounds, which he says is one of the top-five heaviest pumpkins on record grown in Iowa. Frantz and two buddies put sandbags in the huge pumpkin and sank it to the bottom of a Maquoketa quarry on Sunday and carved a traditional jack-o’-lantern face with knives and a drywall saw. He says it was tough to maneuver the enormous gourd in the chilly, deep water. He says they had to get it to a point where it was between sinking and floating and then put in more weight until it settled on the bottom. Frantz says the five-foot diameter pumpkin cracked as they brought it to the surface, so it was buried at sea, or rather, in the quarry. In the 58-degree water, a diver videotaped the entire process for which Frantz and friends hope to set a world’s record for the largest jack-o’-lantern carved underwater.