Two Iowa Guard units that were told they’d be going on federal active now know when that will be — December seventh when they will begin processing. The 185th Corps Support Battalion and 10-88th Personnel Services Detachment, both at Camp Dodge in Johnston, were notified last week they’d been activated. Guard spokesman, Colonel Robert King talked about the units at that time. He said the Corps Support Battalion is a tactical supply and command and control unit with about 60 soldiers, the 10-88th provides administrative services and has about 45 soldiers. King says these soldiers will be activated under the new federal policy. He says the new “boots on the ground” policy says they have to be “in country” for 365 days, and there’ll be additional time to get them activated and transported, so they’ll be active for about 18 months. King says the units will ship out of Iowa on December 10th to go to a mobilization station. One other unit, the 767th Firefighting team was also notified last week that it will be called to federal duty, but has not yet been given a time for its deployment. King says the latest mobilization puts 27-hundred Iowa Guard soldiers on active duty.