The Iowa Hawkeyes football team will likely be bowl-bound at year’s end and Iowans who may want to tag along are already being targeted. The University of Iowa Alumni Association is collecting names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of anyone who wants to join the Hawks at whatever bowl game they may attend in several weeks. Association V.P. Chris Bavolack says they don’t want to waste any time. He says there’s such a short turnaround time, they want to organize a list of people who want to join the Hawks at a bowl game. In turn, those people will be notified by the alumni group right away when the information is official. Bavolack says the Hawks’ record is very good but as yet, nothing is guaranteed in the bowl bidding. Bavolack says packages will include: hotels, game tickets, chartered flights, luggage handling, access to official Hawkeye functions, welcome receptions, and more. (As above) He says they’ll know more after Saturday’s games but may not have anything solid until as late as December 7th. To get on the list, surf to “” or call 800-469-2586.