The polls for today’s gambling referendum in Clay County will open late, at noon. County officials decided to delay opening polling places because of the dismal weather caused safety concerns. Clay County Auditor Marge Pitts says there’s a law to cover just such a situation. Poll workers will come in at 11 and open the polls at noon today. The polls in Clay County will close at the regular time — 8 o’clock tonight. Pitts says free rides by the Regional Transit Authority to and from the polls has been changed to match the new times. Pitts says over 11-hundred people cast absentee ballots for today’s election. Pitts announced the abbreviated polling hours yesterday, saying the “anticipated inclement weather conditions will make travel dangerous” for the voting public. Gambling proponents hope to get county-wide approval for casino-style gaming in order to bring a floating casino to the north edge of Spencer, along Highway 71. Last month the State Racing and Gaming Commission decided not to lift its moratorium on new gambling licenses in Iowa, but the Legislature may debate the issue.