Authorities say a Council Bluffs man will face a long list of charges after a chase Monday that involved at least four stolen cars. Bluffs police lieutenant Larry Wright says it began when Charles Gorham, who’d been living at a Bluffs motel, allegedly stole the car of a woman who’d spent the night at the motel and was getting ready to leave. The desk clerk can’t say that he saw Gorham steal the vehicle, but says he saw him looking into it and next thing he knew the man and the car were gone. Police were alerted when the woman reported her vehicle missing and another citizen called to report a hit-and-run, which had knocked the license plate off the stolen vehicle. Wright says Gorham was then spotted across the river in Omaha where he apparently stole at least one more vehicle.The cop says Gorham pulled into an Omaha used car lot and said he wanted to take a Camaro for a test drive, so a salesman came along but Gorham pulled over after a while, told the salesman to get out, and drove away with the car. Lieutenant Wright says he’s been told the suspect hit an Omaha squad car with one of the stolen vehicles he was driving there, and even tried at one point to steal a police cruiser. Gorham was driving the car from the Omaha dealership when he returned to Council Bluffs, where Wright says an officer who heard his description on the radio spotted the car and the suspect. The officer was patrolling when he spotted a Camaro with a man putting gas into it. It’s taking a long time to write up the report, and not only because the chase involved two cities in two states — Lieutenant Wright says the suspect has a long criminal record and will be charged with damage to the motel room where he’d been staying in Council Bluffs, as well as drug possession. He says there was drug paraphernalia in the room, and the man for some reason had taken apart the telephone and air conditioner, and left all the pieces lying “in a neat pile.” Gorham’s jailed in Pottawatomie County.