You may’ve noticed state tax booklets and forms showing up in your local library and post office. Iowa Department of Revenue Director Michael Ralston says you may not need to pick up a booklet. For taxpayers who’ve filed paper returns, the state will mail them a new booklet. Ralston says there aren’t many new things in the latest booklet.He says, in most respects, it’s the same as the booklets sent out for many years. While the tax books are out now, Ralston says you probably won’t have all the information you need to file for a few weeks. He says most taxpayers should receive their W-2 form by the end of January. Ralston says you should keep your eyes open for other important tax info that’ll be in the mailbox soon.He says statements regarding charitable giving, interest statements and other info is supposed to be to you by the end of January. Forty-five percent of Iowans still file taxes the old-fashioned way, but Ralston says you’re better off filing electronically, as you’ll get your refund back faster.