A national report says It’s more than a fashion faux pas to be overweight — it’s a financial disaster that costs you money. State health department spokesman Kevin Teale says a report in a national journal this week outlines the expense of being an “extra-large.” The journal “Obesity Research” calculates the extra cost to Iowa from those that are overweight is costing 783-Million dollars a year. He says they used a formula based on several issues.They looked at the health problems most often linked to obesity including heart problems and cancer, and calculated that in Iowa it costs 783 Million dollars a year to deal with the medical effects of obesity. There are regional differences, with some parts of the country lighter on the average, and the Midwestern shape often described as plumper than average. Of the 783 Million, Teale says about half that is paid through government health programs like Medicaid and Medicare, which means the cost of overweight is laid on the back of taxpayers. Teale says the report makes a good opportunity to highlight the “Lighten up Iowa” program, a statewide competition for folks who join teams to see how much weight they can lose in a group fitness agreement.He says we’ve learned it increases your chance of success to have a support group. To learn about the statewide program and how to form a team, see their website www.lightenupiowa-dot-org