Iowa Senator Tom Harkin is following the lead of other democrats in opposing the president’s call for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. He says amending the constitution is not something you take very lightly. Harkin says he’s always believed the “contract” of marriage is best left up to the states, and the “sacrament” of marriage is best left up to religious institutions. Because of that, he says he will oppose any constitutional amendment in this regard. Harkin says the republican president is using the gay marriage amendment to divert the nation’s attention. He says the president wants to take our minds off of what’s wrong with the economy and jobs and people out of work, the lack of funding for education and increasing tuition costs. Harkin says he’s trying to do that by focusing on some of the social issues. Harkin says the president’s call for the amendment is pure politics.He says the president is kicking off his campaign with a classic wedge or divider issue. Harkin says “it’s not good for our country.”